KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set Review

In this KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set review, we’ll explore this unique, educational, and culinary-themed children’s toy. With a thoughtful, detailed, and realistic design, this play kitchen is leading the pack among its competitors.

A play kitchen can ignite your children’s creativity while teaching them practical lessons that they’ll eventually use in the real kitchen. When kids are around the age of 18 months to 2 years, they’ll start enjoying pretend play, acting out real-life scenarios for fun during playtime. Pretend play, such as playing with the KidKraft Farm to Table set, can help toddlers grow their emotional and cognitive skills.

Without further ado, let’s explore the features and benefits of this play kitchen in our KidKraft Farm to Table Kitchen Set review.

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  • 18 piece Accessory Set included
  • Harvest Veggies With The Window Box Garden
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    This play kitchen set includes multiple stand-out features that you won’t find in competing products. Here, we’ll explore these singular features and the benefits that they offer for your little ones.

    Realistic Kitchen Playing With The Light and Sound Cooktop

    This play kitchen from KidKraft has a remarkably realistic design for your kids to enjoy. The stove includes motion sensors to trigger red lights and sound effects. 

    When you first turn the stove on, it will make a sound like a gas burner igniting, then continue to make a noise like a boiling pot. 

    These sound effects aren’t overly loud or disruptive and make your children feel like they’re cooking in the real kitchen.

    In addition to the stove, this kitchen set’s faucet features a blue light and running water sound. This special touch helps to teach your children the importance of having clean hands in the kitchen. 

    For more kitchen fun, this playset even includes an ice maker with three pretend ice cubes. Your toddler will love operating the ice machine on their own, just like in a real kitchen. 

    Harvest Veggies With The Window Box Garden

    This playset features two window boxes with planted purple onions and carrots. These play veggies are divided into segments that are held together with velcro. So, your toddler can pull the veggies from the window boxes and chop them using the provided cutting board and pretend kitchen knife. 

    The experience of preparing and “cooking” vegetables from a home garden is not only enjoyable for little ones, but will also teach them the value of knowing where your ingredients come from. 

    18-Piece Accessory Set For Playing Possibilities

    An 18-piece accessory and play food set is included with your purchase of this play kitchen. Included in this set is a metal pot, metal pan, and metal spatula, all of which have built-in metal hooks, allowing your children to conveniently hang them above the stove. 

    A wooden knife and wood cutting board are also included, along with two window boxes with three carrots and three purple onions. Brown foam pieces are included to keep the vegetables in place, and two fabric storage drawers with a wooden pattern are contained beneath the sink.

    This kitchen set even has a chalkboard that your kids can use to record recipes and write out menus. This playful touch allows for further creativity as your children explore activities in the kitchen.

    Cons For You and Your Kids To Consider

    While the KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen is an undeniably original toy for kids and toddlers, it does have a few downsides for shoppers to consider. These downsides include:

    Lack of Durability

    The main material used to construct this play kitchen is MDF: medium-density fiberboard. Fiberboard is often used as a more affordable alternative to real wood. While its cost-efficiency is great for manufacturers, it means that the construction of the KidKraft Farm to Table Kitchen isn’t as durable as wooden play kitchens on the market. Many of the aspects of this set also aren’t attached firmly, and young children could pull it apart after it’s been assembled. The trade off between wood and MDF is a decision for the parents. We stand by MDF firmly as its lightweight, but it’s not going to be as stable as wood.

    Fiberboard is also particularly susceptible to water damage. Given that this is a play kitchen, water damage isn’t likely to be an issue, but it’s a factor to keep in mind. 

    Long Assembly Process

    One main downside of play kitchens is that the assembly process is extensive. Nearly 30 main parts are involved in this assembly process, so plenty of time and effort must go into setting it up. For most users, assembly takes at least two hours. Keep in mind that it’s helpful to have more than one person available to help with assembly, and to be gentle with the parts as you put the set together to avoid damaging the fiberboard.

    [amazon box="B07DQSM9HC" title="KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set" button_detail_target = "_blank" ]
  • Realistic Kitchen w/ Light and Sound Cooktop
  • 18 piece Accessory Set included
  • Harvest Veggies With The Window Box Garden
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    Who Should Purchase the KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set?

    If you’re looking for a realistic, thoughtfully-designed play kitchen for your children (over the age of 3) to explore, the KidKraft Farm to Table Kitchen Set could be right for you.

    Compared to other play kitchens of its caliber, this is an affordable option with plenty of special features, including lights and sound effects. It has a sleek, tasteful design that kids can enjoy playing with even as they grow older, up to the age of 10. The neutral colors featured with this play kitchen allows it to blend in with the rest of your home, unlike many similar playsets for children. Plus, with a variety of included accessories, your children can entertain themselves in this kid-friendly kitchen for hours on end. 

    The KidKraft Farm to Table Kitchen Set is also an excellent choice for both boys and girls. While many other play kitchens are catered to young girls, this option is decidedly unisex, with authentic-looking colors and accessories. 


    With an attractive design, life-like light and sound features, and a wide collection of accessories, kids aged 3 to 10 will have a blast with the KidKraft Farm to Table Kitchen Set. While the fiberboard material reflects its budget-friendly price point, toddlers can still enjoy this play kitchen – while learning valuable kitchen lessons – throughout their younger years.


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