KidKraft Laundry Playset Review

For kids, there’s something magical about having an adult appliance that’s just your size. Like it’s made just for them. A kid can feel like an adult without having to do the actual chores. Teaching your children responsibility, organizational skills and tidiness can all help with their development while still having fun. And while young children can’t physically or efficiently do chores like the laundry, the KidKraft Laundry Playset can be a starting tool to develop habits and inspire creativity. It also can help parents by doubling as storage. More on that later!

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  • Made from wood offering durability
  • Interactive Play includees chalkboard, clicking dials and functioning doors
  • Easy assembly
  • [/amazon]

    This play laundry set is such a unique set, there aren’t many similar toys on the market. Let’s dive into the standout features of this set.

    Quality Construction

    First, let’s start with that wood construction. Unlike plastic pieces, the wood feels like actual furniture. Sturdy and stable in a kids’ hands, the KidKraft Laundry Playset feels functional in adult hands also. The feel of the wood in your hands is reminiscent of old-school toys in your parent’s attic. Well-built and strong, it feels like it can last generations.

    They are meant to be passed down from one generation to the next. Adults will appreciate the craftsmanship and durability, and kids will appreciate the realistic feel. Of course, real washers and dryers aren’t made of wood. But you get the feeling that this toy will last longer than an actual washer and dryer!

    That said, putting the toy together takes a bit of time. Like actual furniture, this isn’t a click-and-twist plastic playtime piece. It’s the real deal. And because it’s made as well as actual furniture, be prepared to put it together like typical furniture. Think one-step up on the IKEA scale. It takes a little elbow grease and some thought. You also want to be precise about your work, to do the playset justice. Because, if you find a door won’t close or the bolt is loose—it might say more about your work than about the toy itself!

    Great Aesthetics

    This toy is photogenic. It’s great in pictures. Not sure if the people that made this had Instagram or Facebook in mind, but the pastel paint and the colors go with most kids’ room decor. And when you place a kid next to the photo, it looks like a commercial. It’s that cute. Although boys can play with KidKraft Laundry Playset, and it’s mostly gender-neutral, the colors do seem to be geared towards little girls. It has a very princess playset feel—if princesses’ did laundry.

    If a more gender-neutral color is something you might want, the company has another color available. Although not as calming or pastel as the pink and white pictured on their site, the other version has its perks. The different color is darker, with an espresso colored wood. The KidKraft Laundry Playset washer and dryer in that other set are painted a metallic silver color, to look like a more modern washer and dryer set. Though both sets can be gender-neutral, the metallic and espresso set may be preferred by most boys. Just as photogenic, the more modern version gives the same magical vibe for kids.

    The paint quality is like most toys made of wood. It will stay on for a while, but with months or years of constant use, it will chip off bit by bit. The great part about it being wood is that this will most likely stand the test of time and, if necessary, able to be repainted.

    Uses the Imagination

    Secondly, playing with the machine lets kids use their imagination. Though the washer and dryer set could benefit from a little more detail, the lack of business adds to the appeal. It’s accurate enough to satisfy a kid, with print around the knobs mimicking a real washer dryer. But it’s simple enough not to feel too chaotic. It’s calming to play within its simplicity. Put the clothes in and take the clothes out. Let imagination do the rest!

    Watching kids play with the set; you get a little window to how kids view adults and chores. Watching mom and dad do tasks; they learn to mimic what we say and do. Listen to them while they play with this set, and what they’ve been observing all along may surprise you! The accuracy is uncanny. Yes, what the kids are doing is pretend. But, you’ll hear every quirky comeback and silly laundry habit you’ve done replayed through a kid’s eyes.

    Watch how kids use the chalkboard on the side. The chalkboard isn’t the smooth type of chalkboard that’s difficult to write on. It’s an actual chalkboard that can be used to draw, leave messages, or play games. Kids leave funny notes that give you a peek into their childlike view of the adult world of chores.

    The KidKraft Laundry Playset comes with the accouterments of laundry chores. A basket for loading clothes in and out of the laundry. Shelving for any clothes or laundry detergent. An iron for all the clothes that come out of the dryer — don’t forget them in the dryer, or they’ll wrinkle! (Wink! Wink!) Then there’s the all-important chalkboard on the side, to log in who’s turn it is to do the laundry this week!

    Classic Toy Feel

    The KidKraft Laundry Playset is not electronic, so there’s no washing machine or dryer whirring in the background. There’s no sound of water rushing or bells to indicate the dryer is done. However, no electronics means less items to break down or need repairing. There’s no need for expensive batteries to replace or long, dangerous cords to plug in. And, to be honest, for a parent, toys with loud sounds can get under your skin after a while. A home only needs one washer and dryer sound going at the same time.

    For a wooden set, the playset is fairly light. At 32 pounds, it can be easily carried by an adult. And because it doesn’t need an outlet, it can be placed anywhere inside a room. It’s heavy enough that it won’t tip over. However, if safer is a concern, it can be placed up against or bolted onto a wall.

    There are small details that are charming and that kids love. There’s a satisfying click when the knobs are turned. The circle “doors” on the washer and dryer are functional; they can open and close with ease. The small divot fits a kid’s hand perfectly. Interestingly, the entire front of the washer and dryer also opens separately, perhaps to fit large items that a kid may want to wash, like their favorite stuffed animal.

    The KidKraft Laundry Playset is large but not too large. It can easily fit in an apartment bedroom, but it’s also much smaller than most playhouses. If you don’t have a lot of room, it’s a good alternative to larger, more elaborate playsets. At about 28.8 inches across, 13. 7 inches deep, and 37.2 inches high, and the playset is ideal for small spaces but large enough for a child to feel like it’s a luxury product.

    It definitely has a “wow” factor after it’s built. This is a great Santa Christmas gift for the tree. See a child waking up to a toy this size next to a Christmas and watch their eyes light up.

    Fun for Everyone

    The KidsKraft Laundry Playset manufacturer recommended age range is 36 months to three years, but older kids can definitely enjoy the playset. It’s large enough to accommodate a child as old as seven, and teen siblings, adults, and grandparents can have fun pretending to do the laundry as well. Not sure why the recommended age range stops at 3, when this toy would work well in a kindergarten or first grade classroom.

    It’s durable enough that it can last as a hands-me-down or a toy to be used by a number of children in a family. Because laundry chores are universal, kids of any age can join in on the imagination.

    Lastly, this toy can easily function as a storage unit when not in use. As said before, it doubles as a storage container. If you’re constantly in need of storage, then this Kidkraft playset has the added benefit of being a small cabinet when not being played with. The doors open and close like a cabinet, and items can be easily taken in and out. There is also shelving that can be utilized. Along with a basket to put toys in and a chalkboard for messages, it’s an organized mother’s dream.

    [amazon box="B00BTTARMC" title="KidKraft Laundry Playset" button_detail_target = "_blank" ]
  • Made from wood offering durability
  • Interactive Play includees chalkboard, clicking dials and functioning doors
  • Easy assembly
  • [/amazon]

    Teaching Lifelong Skills

    In summary, the KidsKraft Laundry Playset works for both boys and girls. Teaching kids household chores fosters independence and life skills. The added benefit was the enthusiasm for real laundry after the playset arrived. Not sure if it was the playset itself, or if the kids developed a real appreciation for chores, but knowing the importance of participating in household tasks is always beneficial for kids.

    The KidsKraft Laundry Playset also provides endless hours of imaginative playtime. Playing out family scenarios and imaginary tasks allows kids to learn how to problem solve and think critically. Perhaps better than a computer screen or tablet, the KidsKraft Laundry playset triggers the imagination. It’ll be the toy that kids remember as adults. Who knew laundry could be so fun?

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