My Life Kitchen Play Set Review

The My Life Kitchen Play Set is a brightly-colored kitchen toy with numerous accessories and realistic details. Designed for dolls measuring 18 inches high, little girls in particular will love this kitchen play set for dolls. They can use their favorite dolls to act out all sorts of pretend play in the kitchen, from stocking up the refrigerator to cooking up an elaborate meal with the oven and stove.

In our My Life Kitchen Play Set review, we’ll explore the features, details, and potential drawbacks of this popular kitchen toy. Whether you’re shopping for a child’s birthday, stocking up early for the holidays, or are just looking to surprise your little one, this kitchen play set could be a perfect fit.

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    The My Life Kitchen Play Set includes an impressive selection of features, contained in a small, doll-sized kitchen toy. The following three features stand out to us and set this kitchen play set apart from similar toys on the market.

    Variety of Pretend Kitchen Accessories

    This kitchen play set includes 64 pieces. This fantastically large accessory collection provides your kids with virtually unlimited playing options. With her doll in hand, your child can play out any variety of kitchen scenarios, using her imagination to the fullest.

    A large portion of the accessories are play food items, giving your kids a wide range of menu options. From fresh fruits and veggies to cake to canned food and more, your children can spend hours dreaming up recipes for their dolls. More of our favorite play food accessories with this set include: salt, pepper, bacon, bananas, broccoli, an orange, frozen pizza, eggs, grapes pasta, orange juice, and spaghetti with sauce. 

    The other accessories included with this play kitchen set have functional uses around the kitchen. These include dishwasher racks, a dish drying rack, saute pan, spatula, spoons, plates, bowls, cutlery, baking pans, and more. 

    Uniquely, this set also features two different window views that your little one can swap out. These window pieces provide different views out of the kitchen window, which is located above the sink. 

    Kitchen Appliances Light Up and Make Sounds

    This kitchen play set features a turquoise-colored stove and refrigerator, both of which use battery power to light up and make kitchen sounds. The stove lights up with a realistic digital clock display, while the refrigerator includes a water and ice dispenser with lifelike temperature displays.

    These appliances also feature sounds, adding another element of fun to your children’s pretend play. The burners on the stove make a sound when the dials are turned, and the ice maker on the refrigerator makes a sound when the buttons are pressed. These features are easy to operate for young kids, providing them with a sense of independence as they play. 

    Works With All 18” Dolls

    While this play kitchen set is advertised for use with the My Life As 18″ Poseable Dolls, (which are sold separately), it also works well with any similarly-sized dolls. So, your kids can enjoy simulating kitchen activities with the dolls that are already in their toy box. This is a particularly attractive feature because it means that you don’t have to purchase additional toys for your kids to enjoy this set. Using the dolls that they already love, your kids can reap all of the benefits that this kitchen play set has to offer. 

    Drawbacks of The My Life Kitchen Play Set

    The My Life Kitchen Play Set undoubtedly offers a variety of benefits for young kids. However, there are also two key drawbacks that you should consider before buying this play set for your children.

    Plastic Parts May Damage Easily

    The My Life Kitchen Set is predominantly made of plastic. Many of the parts are made from particularly thin plastic, which can become damaged quite easily. Given that this kitchen play set is intended for young children, you should likely expect some damage to occur after many hours of use. 

    Small Parts Are Choking Hazards

    As we mentioned above, this kitchen play set includes 64 pieces in total. Many of these pieces, especially the small play food items, are very small and pose a choking hazard to young children. Kids under the age of three shouldn’t play with this set due to this choking hazard, and supervision is recommended for use around toddlers.

    [amazon box="B07JKDRVBY" title="My Life As Kitchen Play Set" button_detail_target = "_blank" ]
  • Perfect height if you already have dolls
  • Accessories Included!
  • Brightly Colored!
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    Is The My Life Kitchen Play Set Right For My Kids?

    The My Life Kitchen Play Set is designed for kids aged 5 and over. The general age range for which this play set is the most enjoyable is 5 to 10. Additionally, since this kitchen set is made for playing with dolls, it’s catered to little girls.

    The vibrant turquoise, purple, and pink tones make this kitchen set a playful choice for young kids. We love the realistic touches, namely the lights and sounds made by the refrigerator and stove. The large collection of realistically-designed food accessories is also an excellent benefit and gives your kids an abundance of playing options. Especially with the ability to use this kitchen with any of their favorite (and appropriately-sized) dolls, this kitchen play set is sure to delight your little ones. 

    That said, the My Life Kitchen Play Set has several small parts. Most importantly, these parts are a choking hazard for young children, so this set isn’t safe for kids under the age of three. Additionally, the small size of many of the food items and kitchen accessories make them all too easy to lose. Your children may be disappointed when parts of the set go missing, but with their minute size, some are practically bound to get misplaced. 

    With these considerations in mind, the My Life Kitchen Play Set is a wonderful gift option for young kids who love to play with dolls and have an interest in food. The lifelike touches and array of accessories will provide your kids with hours of kitchen fun!

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