Best Play Kitchens for Small Spaces

So you want a toy kitchen, but you’re not sure if one will fit in your house or apartment? Our roundup of the best toy kitchens for small spaces includes several different options for you. There are some clever space-saving toys on the market so you might even see some you’ve never thought of before.

Having a small space doesn’t mean your child can’t have access to a full range of play opportunities. Toy kitchens are amazing resources for your child’s role play. They develop speaking and listening skills and give children a chance to mimic adults. They’re even doing math without realizing! Your child doesn’t have to miss out, just because you don’t have a giant house. Our recommendations for the best play kitchens for small spaces will show you how.

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  • Only 22 inches wide
  • Wooden Frame makes this durable and sturdy
  • 30 minute assembly time
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    Some toy kitchens are huge. They are packed with appliances and have more storage space than many New York City apartments. 

    If your space is limited, you are looking for a play kitchen set that your child will enjoy playing with, but that won’t take up too much room. 

    You want to maximize the opportunities for engagement while minimizing its footprint.

    If having a toy kitchen is important to you, you’ll be able to find a tiny spot or a corner where you can squeeze one in.

    How small is small?

    The larger ones can be as wide as 50 inches and big enough for a child to walk inside. More modest units are around 30 inches wide and just as tall. The biggest play kitchen on our list of recommendations is just 22 inches wide and we’ve found some even smaller than that!

    Choosing a smaller kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise on features. Quite a few tiny models manage to squeeze in an oven, sink and stove top, just like their big counterparts.

    Where could I put it?

    The obvious place to locate it is the kitchen. However, in smaller homes, space is often especially at a premium in this room. Children have amazing imaginations, so they will still get a great pretend cooking experience in another room. Anywhere that you have a tiny patch of wall or corner will be fine. We’ve even included some sets that fold away completely so if you live in the tiniest apartment in the world, you should be OK.

    Counter Height

    With smaller toy kitchens, they are often smaller in all dimensions. This means that the counter height suffers. Because of this, some smaller kitchens may not be suitable for your older children. Check out our recommendations for the best play kitchens for the older kids. Having said that, your child may enjoy playing in their kitchen on their knees or while sitting on the floor, so they still could be useful for you.

    As you can see from our list, there are many different types of toy kitchen, so counter height might not be an issue. If you choose a table-top model, it’s always the height of the table you choose!

    Hape Gourmet Kitchen

    [amazon fields="B074PXWGDN" value="thumb" image_size="large" ]

    [amazon fields="B074PXWGDN" value="button" button_text="Check price on Amazon" button_detail_target="_blank"]

    This compact wooden set comes equipped with everything your budding chef needs. With an oven, stove top, sink and cupboard, your child will be able to create any dish they can think of. Other parents have said that it takes less than an hour to assemble, with some completing it in 30 minutes.

    At less than 22 inches wide, it resembles other, bigger play kitchens but is able to fit in small spaces. It has a pleasant, neutral look, too: white and plain wood with a few cheerful, red accents. In a small apartment a giant, colourful plastic toy could overwhelm the room.

    This kitchen does not come with the accessories featured in the pictures, but they can be bought separately.

    [amazon fields="B074PY4Y8R" value="thumb" image_size="medium" ]

    [amazon fields="B074PY4Y8R" value="button" button_text="Check price on Amazon" button_detail_target="_blank"]



    Small Foot Wooden Toys Complete Compact Play Kitchen

    [amazon fields="B07GWXFWBC" value="thumb" image_size="large" ]

    [amazon fields="B07GWXFWBC" value="button" button_text="Check price on Amazon" button_detail_target="_blank"]

    At a mere 14 inches across, this adorable kitchen should fit into even the tiniest spaces. Be warned though, it is also only 14 inches high. This won’t necessarily make your child feel as if they are inside their very own kitchen, but still gives them the opportunity to engage in role play. It manages to squeeze in an oven, stove top and sink and comes with wooden accessories. The bunting decal looks cute behind the wooden salt and pepper shelf.

    Some parents have found that, while it is easy to assemble, the pieces can come apart. They found that this was fixed by gluing the components together. If you’re not planning on taking it apart anytime soon, this compact kitchen could be the solution you need for your small space.



    Pretend Toy Kitchen Playset

    [amazon fields="B07MKDL1VV" value="thumb" image_size="large" ]

    [amazon fields="B07MKDL1VV" value="button" button_text="Check price on Amazon" button_detail_target="_blank"]

    How clever is this idea? You get a sink, burner and counter space and it all packs up into a wheeled suitcase! There is even a shelf with hooks for utensils. It comes with the pans, cutlery and play food you see in the pictures. Add some batteries and the stove top lights up, so your child can select the perfect temperature to fry you up a steak.

    When assembled as a kitchen, it is a tiny 21 inches wide and the same height. Which really is tiny, so it’s a good buy for short toddlers or if your child wants to play while kneeling. Pack it down into its case and it’s just 10 inches by 21 and 5.5 inches deep. It will definitely fit in a corner of the kitchen, on a shelf in the playroom or under a bed. Hey, it’s on wheels so it can go anywhere!

    It is very bright pink, so if that’s not your color, it might not be for you. But I know that for lots of children it is their favourite and they will be delighted.



    Melissa & Doug 19-Piece Deluxe Wooden Cooktop Set

    [amazon fields="B017OW25ZE" value="thumb" image_size="large" ]

    [amazon fields="B017OW25ZE" value="button" button_text="Check price on Amazon" button_detail_target="_blank"]

    If you haven’t got the floor space or a little corner for a full kitchen, this could be the solution. Set it on a table top or the floor, and your child instantly has their own cooker. It comes with utensils and pretend food. The food pieces are double sided with a different dish on each side: another great use of space. The raised hooks for the utensils are a nice touch, and adds to the feeling of a real kitchen. This part is removable, too, so you can pack it down if you need to.

    This play kitchen is 14 inches all round so is super compact. Melissa and Doug toys are popular with parents for their quality, so they’re a brand to look out for. Some reviews mention that this set broke easily but lots were very pleased.



    Sago Mini Jinja’s Kitchen

    [amazon fields="B07DS26YK4" value="thumb" image_size="large" ]

    [amazon fields="B07DS26YK4" value="button" button_text="Check price on Amazon" button_detail_target="_blank"]

    This might not be what you pictured when you thought of a play kitchen. But it’s such a clever concept, and perfect for tiny apartments. It has a pretend cooker and comes with a frying pan and play food. The best part? It folds away into a cushion! Your guests will never even know it is there.

    Of course, it is not the most realistic play kitchen on our list. The oven does not open and there is no storage, counter space or sink. However, if your child wants to role play some cooking and you truly don’t have a spare inch in your home this could be the choice for you.



    Wrap up

    There you have it. Lots of ideas for play kitchens that will fit into even the smallest homes. As you can see, sometimes it pays to think outside the box when planning a toy for a small space. And sometimes the right choice is one that fits inside a box!


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