13 Children’s Kitchen Accessories for Quality Pretend Play

A pretend juicing accessories set for kid's kitchens
A toy juicing set

To get the most out of your kid’s kitchen, you need to buy accessories. Play kitchens accessories are imitative toys shaped like all kinds of foods and are used with toy kitchens. Many accessories also come in the form of kitchen utensils like knives, pots and pans, etc.

A kitchen playset will normally come with basic accessories. These are not enough to utilize to the fullest the inherent benefits of this awesome toy. To make sure your kid get the most out of kitchen toys you need to invest in a good set of accessories.

In sourcing for accessories for your child’s cooking set, you will need to put in mind safety concern. If you have toddlers in the house then don’t buy accessories pack that contain very small pieces to prevent choking.

In fact, you need to make sure your kid understand that plastic foods are not to be put in the mouth. Another thing is to keep an eye on them when they’re using the kitchen sets.

Best Accessories for Kids’ Cooking Sets in 2020

KidKraft Deluxe Tasty Treats Pretend Food

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One thing you cannot take away from kids is the way they use their imagination. With the Deluxe Tasty Treats Pretend Food, your kids will have countless things to cook up. 115 pieces of fake foods, snacks, ingredients, sauce and many more is not a joke.

Your kids can never have enough of these accessories sets. They will never lack a recipe to prepare.
One important feature of the Deluxe Tasty Treats Pretend Food set is that even without a toy kitchen set, your kids can still have endless playtime with these wonderful toy set.

KidKraft 27-Piece Cookware Playset

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One good thing about kitchen playset is that not only they encourage your kid to develop an interest in food preparation, they also teach kids to become better hosts.

The Kidkraft 27-Piece Cookware Playset is a built-to-last playset designed to imbibe in your kid the good habit of serving others whether it’s mom and dad, their siblings or their dolls.

This playset for 4 people will withstand anything your kid may throw at it

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Pretend Set for Kids

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What better way to ignite your child’s interest in cooking than to buy toy cookware that looks exactly like the one mom uses in the kitchen?

The Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Pretend Playset is no ordinary toy kitchen accessory, it is made from hand-polished stainless steel. The only difference between this and your kitchenware is these are sized for kids. There is no need to induce your kids to get to work when they see the mirror-finish pots and pans. And their creativity will get no limit when they start preparing pretend dishes with this tool set.

The manner at which each piece in the set is thoughtfully built will surprise parents. These are play cookwares designed to withstand several years of handling.

The package comes with a storage rack that helps to keep the playroom neat. Your kid will only select the piece he or she needs and returns to the rack after use. Stocking each piece on the rack is an enjoyable game on its own since there are so many ways it can be done. In fact, you can make this a problem solving or memory challenge for your child by asking him or her to stack in a particular way.

Joyin Toy Assorted Kitchen Appliance Toys

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Would you like to give your kids the chance to blend, toast, and mix in just a set of kitchen appliance toys?

The Joying toy assorted kitchen appliance toys is a pack of three with a blender having a rotation function, the mixer having a whip for oration and a toaster that almost look real with a timer and a pop-up toast feature. The set is designed to meet the low intelligence of kids, so they can easily use it without learning how to. You will need to get the mixer and blender to work with 2XAA batter though, yet the three appliances are made with Strong ABS plastic coated with bright and colorful paint that will always call your children to play.

I know you’re afraid of plastic toys, most of them are harmful but Joying toy is not, it is made with treated BPA-free plastic that is strong enough to withstand breakage due to fall. There’s a money-back guarantee policy on the product so you can return it and get your money back within 90 days after buying it. Sit back and watch your kid insert the toast into the toaster, set the toaster to the time he wishes till the toaster spit it out.

Ten-piece Learning Resources Pretend and Play Cooking Set

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Open this ten-piece to find a pot with two handles and a lid, one-handle fry pan, a boiling kettle, and utensils like; slotted spoon, ordinary spoon, potato masher, knife, ladle, and spatula.

Children above three years of age can grow their imagination by scooping ice-cream, mash imaginative potatoes, fry unseen eggs, and do a lot more.

The good thing is the set is made for two children so they can develop a good communication skill along the way as they interact while cooking.

Don’t deny your little cook these must-have kitchen playset accessories, they will be learning and catching real fun with them. Is it his birthday? We have tested this ten-piece and we know how precious it will be to your little fingers cook.

We have made a confirmation that it’s not ABS-free as it is made in China but that shouldn’t be a problem, you may just tell your boys and girls not to put any of it in the mouth to keep them safe. With the frying pan of 4.5” diameter, the whole pack is 10×7.9×4.2 inches of 15.5 ounces weight to make it comfortable to play with and easy to store.

FUNERICA Cutting play fruit toys set

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Unlike every other play kitchen tools. FUNERICA cutting play fruit toys set adds more fun to the imaginative world of kids while it almost brings, it to reality with the spineless attractive kitchenware that looks real.

Your kids have the opportunity of learning shopping, cutting and slicing, and cooking of delicacies especially salad. FUNERICA cutting play fruit toys set spots a lemon color basket with two handles a child can pretend to shop with, almost like a cart. Teach little Esther how to carefully arrange the plastic vegetables in the backer, watch them put on the white cook hat and the white apron as she chop and slice like a pro cook.

You may get her a plastic of sponge and soap so she can learn to dish wash after cooking with the pot. The cutting tools are not made sharp for safety reasons but still cut the vegetable seamlessly.

We know your kid will love this and will learn a great deal along the way of catching fun. With this set, you will soon be taking your hands off dishwashing as your little guy is almost a perfect dishwasher.

Imagination Generation Cupcake and Mini Cake Petit Four Set (9pcs)

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Set the long table or make them do it. Imagination generation is known for spending more time on their toys, aiming at creating new stories, different kind of conversation, and a totally new world for the little ones.

This is obvious in the latest pretend kitchen cabin, and now they’ve released a delectable box of 9pcs deserts to take your kiddos to a world much bigger. These 9pc cakes will give children something to hold on to as you make them real cakes.

No plugs needed, no charging, no battery, all you’ve to do is open the box and distribute those yummy deserts among 9 kids or let your kiddo have it all to himself. These cakes show kids what a well-crafted hood can do when covered with right paint.

The box encourage your ward the power of sharing, love, and care, as he will be having enough to share with the next door neighbor. We have listened to +35 parents who’ve gotten a pack or two from us and they were glad to see just 9 cakes made of wood and not harmful plastic drive their wards into a deeper world of pretend play.

Assorted kitchen appliances for girls (6pcs)

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This reviews will not be completed without mentioning this product. This may be the best real cooking set for kids.

Does he shuffle around the kitchen turning the whole place upside down?

It’s time to satisfy his want of trying to put things in and out the refrigerator. We have a 6 set of kitchen play appliances made with harmless but yet strong to the core plastic to prevent leakage when your young guy add water to the plastic rice container.

The set is a box of a fridge, cooker, toaster, egg steamer, microwave, and a stove. It comes with 10 strong batteries for the first time play and after they run down you get another battery.

The refrigerator can be opened and inside of it is a tray that can be made to rate under the beautiful light in the refrigerator. The toaster works just like a real one and also the stove.

There are eggs around the egg and rice steamer that obey the tiny fingers that push the control button. Below the fridge, there’s a small drawer things can be kept, perhaps the deserts above this set.

Kidzlane Durable Kids Play Dishes

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If your kids already have enough, they don’t even know much on how to use kids’ kitchen accessories set, they will find this one different.

Kidzlane durable kids play dishes is a collection of plates, forks, knives, spoons, and cups which is a total of 29 pieces. Kidzlane included a dish drainer for a quickie cleanup after use.

Having a pretend play basin is a plus here but a bowl of water can also be used in the washing process. Isn’t it fun watching more than 3 kids do dishwashing together?

Imagine them passing the plates and cups hand to hand while the gossip and tell interesting stories. Though the set looks like it can be used in a real meal, perhaps to attract a fussy lad to eat, but we advise you don’t do that.

Learning Resources New Sprout Serve it! Dish set 24 pieces

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Would you give Jenny a sugary McDowell chocolate that won’t last the day on her birthday?

Eer… no!

This set of dish will give her a birthday to remember each time she play with it. Designed for four kids to pretend play together, kids can stir tea in the cup as they pretend to have an over-the-table discussion.

There are four plates, spoons, knife, fork, and plate that can be arranged in a box for picnic play. Children will love to have this at the beach while relaxing under an umbrella after play.

LER7740 Serving Shapes Tea Set (11)

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The LER7740 is another learning resources brand with features needed for fun and learning by the growing ones. It features a colorful plastic kettle and a set of cups with numbers written on them so everyone can know whose cup is this and whose is that.

It teaches in a fun way how to have a tea party while learning color recognition from the cups.

Watch children identify their cups with numbers and colors as they prattle seriously in their own little big world. All of the cups can be washed after use and kept in the kettle so you need not an extra shelf for storage.

New Sprouts Fresh Fruit Salad Set

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Picnic is best in summer and you should consider getting the right pretend kitchen accessories for your kids to play with.

In this watermelon shape container, there are colorful fruits that will call those tired children to play some more.

They will be doing mathematics naturally as they share the fruits between themselves, moreover they will be learning the identification of fruits ranging from strawberries, orange, grapes and blackberries to mention a few. , e have the scares color of the plate used for sharing the sliced pineapple, and kiwi slice as well as the yellow color spoon.

New Sprouts Smoothie Maker

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This pretend smoothie maker is capable of filling the thirst of a thirsty imaginary friend with imaginary juice blended out of lemon wedge, berry and strawberry.

In no time, after blending in the 6m wide and 8 m long blender that makes sound just like a real blender, your kiddo will begin to fill the 3.5m tall and 2.5 wide cup.

We have confirmed this smoothie maker is made with safe plastic and there’s ice cube inside in case those kids want their juice cold just like you do the real one on a hot summer afternoon.

The Need for Kitchen Playsets Accessories

Trying to get into a kid’s heart but you don’t know the straight-to-pass route?

And remember the year is running out which means you will soon need to get your little guy the nicest gifts.

In case you’re still figuring out what to buy, we’ve got you here 10 best kitchens to give him an everlasting smile. Kids love play kitchens especially those who’ve watched their mama do the dishes after cooking and setting the table. Apart from being fun, the educative features of these toys make them the best thing you can ever let your child have.

But kids’ kitchens are not complete toys on their own. It is their add-ons that gives them the fun factor.

Owing to the current high demand for toy kitchen accessories sets, the market is flooded with many brands and more are still going to be finding their ways to the shelves.

This may lead to confusion when buying accessories for your kid’s kitchen, in fact you may not know how to choose due to the huge options.

To save you from buying the wrong thing or drowning yourself in a lengthy buying guide, we’ve got for you on this page a list of the top toddler’s kitchen accessories in 2020.

Please, know that the brands you see here have been researched thoroughly by our team and have been confirmed to be some of the best. Many of these are compatible with products from our list of the best kitchens for kids.