The Benefits of Kids’ Play Kitchens Every Mom should know

Benefits of children's kitchensRole-playing toys like kids’ play kitchens come with a lot of value. Many parents erroneously believe that they’re like any other toys. This is untrue. Kids play kitchens offer kids a lot of values that you will not find in many other toys.

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This post is to outline the advantages your kids get from playing with toy kitchens.

What cooking entails

Your kids have been seeing you prepare their favorite meals. They have wondered how you do what you do in the kitchen. How you combine food items and how you time your cooking. But to a certain extent, everything is still foreign to them.

Toy kitchens offer your kids a firsthand opportunity to see what their moms do in the kitchen. By having access to pretend kitchen gadgets and play foods, a kid will acquire the general idea of what cooking is all about. There is no better way to ignite or cement your child’s interest in cooking than buying them a kid’s kitchen set.

It’s not about making them love cooking alone. Through pretend play with toy kitchens, they learn the basic concepts of hygiene and healthy eating. Realistic play cooking sets, like this espresso wooden toy kitchen from Kidkraft, can help your kids with good kitchen habits.

How to communicate with others

One skill that should be encouraged early in kids is communicating with others. Kids are to be encouraged as soon as possible to express themselves to parents and other people. Basically, role-playing toys encourage communication between a kid and his friends, and the parents. It’s not out of place when you hear kids, while playing with a play kitchen, say to their siblings or friends things like:

“Put pots on the burner.”
“Check the cake in the oven.”
“Grill the meat.”

It may not be a big deal to you since they see you say and do these things in the kitchen. But for them, they’re unconsciously honing their communication skills.

The Idea that stuff must be organized in the home

Kids’ Play kitchens are big toys that come with a large number of components. For kids to enjoy the use of their kitchens, they must develop certain organizational skills. During play, things must be placed in the areas dedicated for them, plates for the plate racks and accessories for the storage spaces. They soon imbibe that feeling that items must be put in their places. Indirectly, what this is teaching them is that keeping things organized helps you get things done easily. And soon you will see them displaying this awareness in other areas of their lives.

Kids’ Play Kitchens offer opportunity to teach

Toy kitchens allow you to constantly switch between being a mom and a school teacher. You get to teach your kids basic life lessons during pretend play. You can share your knowledge of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and why they are important in the food we eat. You can teach them how food items should be stored to avoid poisoning and contamination. And why homemade meals are cost-saving than eating out.

Don’t think this is all about food alone. The chance to teach lessons that are unrelated to food or cooking will regularly come up while your kid is playing with his or her play kitchen.


Are the benefits of play kitchens exaggerated or underplayed? Let us hear from you.

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