I’m Connie Eaton, mother of two boys and a lover of continental dishes. At 40, I still find it hard to resist a bowl of whipped ice cream.

Being a mother of two hyperactive boys has taught me things beyond my years. I used to feel like abandoning everything altogether and find a solitary refuge to live alone. Now, I’ve learned to organize my life in a bid to meet the huge demands that comes from combining home and work duties.

In this, I’ve found a handful of friends. But let me introduce you to children’s kitchens.

I’ve always been an advocate of productive play for kids. Growing up thought me that not all the play and fun we were allowed to engage in as kids were productive.

Take TV, for example. Many parents use this to engage their kids, to create time for themselves, or as a learning tool. I know one or two good things about TVs. But most I could tell are the bad things. My kids still watch TV albeit severely controlled and limited. I rather engage them in productive play.

Like playing with a toy kitchen.