Privacy Policy

Helping to keep your private information safe is a priority on this website. This is a guide to explain what happens to any information collected on this website.

Personal Data

When you visit, the IP address you used, date of access and time of access are logged. The information is ONLY used to administer the website and gather trends about this website visitors. Please note that the information gathered is not linked to our visitors’ personally identifiable data.

Email Address

Occasionally, KidChenz shared things that may require visitors to sign up with their email addresses. The mail addresses collected in this way will never be sold or distributed in any way.

KidChenz will sometimes send to your mail address resources and offers that have been deemed beneficial to you.

Third Party Links

KidChenz is a review website. Links to other resources online are often included in our reviews to help our users. KidChenz is NOT in any way responsible for the privacy policy of these third party sites which may differ from our own. Please do your own due diligence when you find yourself on another website though our link.

Future Changes to the Privacy Policy

At KidChenz discretion, this privacy statement may undergo changes. If you have any question on this, please contact