Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen Review

Imaginative play is an important part of every childhood. Children love role-playing and pretending to be a chef, pilot, princess, or firefighter has important benefits for a child. This essential type of play has positive effects on a child’s cognitive skills, socio-emotional skills, and problem-solving abilities.

One of the best toys to encourage pretend play is a play kitchen. It offers a child endless possibilities and many hours of enjoyment. Does he want to be a chef today? Perhaps a server? Or maybe he just wants to chop, mix, and stir? The Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen allows all of this and more. This model is a great option for parents who are looking for a play kitchen to add to their playroom or children’s room.

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  • Large Playset allowing up to 3 kids to interact at the same time
  • Includes 78-Piece Accessories for Immediate Fun
  • Built-In Storage for organization and interactivity


The Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen comes packed in three separate boxes and you’ll need a few hours to assemble it. The instructions come as a series of pictures that detail each part that needs to attach to each other. Though the pictures have to be studied carefully to get assembly right, it offers enough direction to put together this play kitchen successfully. It’s important to point out that an electric drill is a must-have in building this toy. Although the guide just shows pictures of a regular screwdriver doing the work, it will not do the trick. Some of the screw holes are missing or not completely punched through and will need to be drilled to continue putting the kitchen together. Aside from this, assembling the toy is generally straightforward, just make sure you have the electric drill beside you and have a few hours to get it done.

The first feature of this play kitchen is its large footprint. It is one of the biggest kitchen sets available in the market, measuring 65.75 x 14.00 x 50.00 inches. The size is perfect for families with more than one child or a playdate with friends. The taller size also makes it great for older kids to play with it. Many kids enjoy pretend play until 7 to 8 years old. This kitchen is meant for children 3 years old up to 8 years old, making this a toy that will be used and enjoyed for many years.

It has three distinct sections – a farmhouse-style apron sink, a two-burner stove with clickable dials, an oversized oven with a microwave beside it, and a large refrigerator with a glass door to see what’s inside. The kitchen also has extra details like a faux granite countertop, frosted cabinet windows, and “slate-style” appliances. These different sections make it appealing to all children. All kids will find something they want to do in this play kitchen.

One child can be washing the dishes, one cooking on the stove, and another storing and removing food items from the refrigerator independently. After they’re all done with their respective tasks, they’ll also have enough space to play together after.  This play kitchen is perfect for encouraging kids to play together and supporting teamwork.

Another notable feature of the Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen is the 78-piece accessory pack that comes with the play kitchen. Pretend food, “copper” cookware, utensils, and more are included in the kitchen, allowing your child to play with it as soon as the kitchen is ready. Kids will love to mix, chop, and bake cupcakes. There’s no need to purchase additional accessories with this play kitchen. Accessories even include a coffee pot, a popcorn maker, and blender.

One more feature of this toy is the built-in storage space included in the play kitchen. There are upper cabinets, pull-out storage bins, molded-in shelving, a built-in spice rack and more that keeps all accessories organized and with the toy. Storage is always an issue when it comes to kids’ toys (just imagine how full your playroom already is) and fortunately, this won’t be a problem with this kitchen set.


1) Bigger than usual One, two, three, or even four children can play with the Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen comfortably. Multiple children can play in the different areas at the same time, making it a great toy for siblings or a playdate. The bigger size also makes it lasts longer. Some playsets are outgrown after a year or two. This kitchen is also taller than other play kitchens and is made to last until a child is 8 years old, ensuring that this toy will be played with for many years.

2) Accessories included – It comes with a 78-piece accessory set that includes play food (like toy cupcakes), utensils, a chopping board, even a coffee pot, a blender, and a popcorn maker that come as stovetop attachments. There is no need to add extra toys to this kitchen set because it comes with everything a child needs to play with it and more.

3) Detailed design features – This play kitchen has lots of special design features that can’t be found on other toys. It has a faux subway tile backsplash, a large “granite” countertop, stonework detail, a farmhouse sink with a gooseneck faucet. Children will not care about these luxurious design details but some parents will definitely appreciate the extra thought that was put into how the kitchen looks. Other features include realistic electronic features like stovetop lights and sounds and working oven and refrigerator lights, adding to the appeal of this toy.

4) Storage space – It’s great that the manufacturers of this toy also included storage space in this kitchen. It takes a load off parents who won’t need to think of where to keep the kitchen accessories when they’re not being used. This definitely will help keep the play kitchen and room where it’s located neat and clean, a definite plus in our books.

[amazon box=”B06WW1X2BD” title=”Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen” button_detail_target = “_blank” ]
  • Large Playset allowing up to 3 kids to interact at the same time
  • Includes 78-Piece Accessories for Immediate Fun
  • Built-In Storage for organization and interactivity
  • [/amazon]


    1) Assembly time – A parent or caregiver who is tasked with putting this toy together needs to make sure that he or she has allotted enough time to assemble it. It can take up to 3 hours or more to screw and connect all the parts with each other. This comes in three large boxes and the manual has 70 steps, so you can imagine how many pieces this toy has. Although most parents say that the manual gives enough instructions and guidance, expectations need to be managed so a parent knows what he’s getting into when assembling this toy.

    2) Large footprint – Although this is also a pro mentioned above, some homes may not be ready for how big this kitchen actually is. This toy will definitely take up a large corner of a room and is probably too big for an apartment or condominium. This is best for people who live in spacious homes that have enough room to spare.

    3) Some quality issues A few parents have reported that some parts of this play kitchen broke just after a week, like some of the door handles. Other parents have also reported that they need to drill additional holes to add support for the kitchen. Although these are minor defects, it’s good for parents to know what issues may arise with this toy.

    Is it worth it?

    Seeing that the Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen definitely has more pros than cons, this play kitchen is definitely worth it. Although there are a lot of lower-priced options for play kitchens, this toy gives great value for money.

    We love the extra-large size that makes it suitable for a number of kids to play at the same time and also makes it appealing to older kids. Imagine your child, or children, playing with this toy for many hours and many years to come. A play kitchen like this will definitely be one of your child’s most played and most-loved toys. When you need a few minutes of alone time to have that much-delayed cup of coffee, you’ll also definitely appreciate this play kitchen.

    Another plus is the 78-piece accessory set that includes unique additions like a blender and popcorn maker that are not found in other play kitchens. There’s no need to buy additional toy food or toy cookware to start using with this toy. We also like the built-in storage solutions that eliminate the need to think of where to put all the extra toys and accessories.

    All in all, we recommend the Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen for parents (or grandparents) who are looking for an all-in-one play kitchen that will wow their child at first sight. Plus, it will also give you the satisfaction of giving your child a toy that he will most definitely enjoy for a long time.

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