Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen Review

A good play kitchen will give a child, and a family, many happy years of fun and learning. Play kitchens are great toys that both children and parents love and are always a great addition to any family home. There are dozens of play kitchens to choose from, differing in price, material, and design. One of the most beautiful and well-made kitchens is the Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen.

Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen
  • Handmade with Solid Wood
  • Non-Toxic Paint and High Quality Materials
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Milton and Goose Play Kitchen Features:

    This play kitchen comes almost completely assembled and hardly needs any work done on it before it’s ready to be played with. It comes with the usual features of a play kitchen – a stove, sink, and oven, with a cabinet for storage. However, it differentiates itself from a regular play kitchen in a few important ways. First, it has a four-burner stove with turning knobs and a unique center grill that can be used for grilling or chopping. Other play kitchens usually only have two burners included, and without a center grill. Four burners allow more pretend play to happen (for example, tomato soup, stew, and fried chicken can be “cooked” all at once) and more children can play together and use the kitchen at the same time.

    The Essential Play Kitchen also features an extra-large oven with a pull-down door that has magnetic closures, great for baking a number of cakes and cupcakes or a giant pretend pizza. The sink that comes with this toy is also a sizable farmhouse-style sink, unlike other play kitchens that have very small sinks, with hardly any space to wash anything under the faucet. A roomy cabinet under the sink has a shelf inside for ample storage. This is great for keeping toy food, pots, pans, and other kitchen accessories.

    Another special feature of this kitchen is that it is made of high-quality materials, including hard wood and water-based paints. Other wooden play kitchen models still include some plastic parts. The Essential Play Kitchen does not use any plastic or particle board at all. The superior wood and non-toxic paints that are used in making this play kitchen ensures that this is a toy that will be enjoyed for many years.

    One more great feature of this kitchen is its size. The Essential Play Kitchen is a few inches taller compared to other play kitchens, making it suitable even for children who have passed the toddler stage. Some kitchens are quickly outgrown by kids, but this one has just the right dimensions for children 3 years old and above. This ensures that this toy is appealing to preschoolers and even older kids as well. Most children will enjoy pretend play until 6 or 7 years old and this kitchen will still fit kids this age.

    As with any toy, the Milton and Goose Play Kitchen has a few pros, and a few cons as well:


    1. Excellent quality – Only the finest quality materials are used in making this play kitchen. Everything is made of solid wood like maple, hickory, and cherry. This kitchen does not use any plastic, particle board and no MDF. All the paints that are used are water-based and non-toxic. The thought and care that was put into choosing only the best materials ensure that this play kitchen will last for many years. The makers of this kitchen aim to make this an heirloom-quality toy that can be passed on from generation to generation, which it definitely is.
    2. Made by Artisans – This special feature is unique to this play kitchen. Unlike other play kitchens from other brands, the Essential Play Kitchen is manufactured by second-generation Amish toymakers located in Pennsylvania and completely made in the USA.  The facilities where these toys are made and assembled operate mostly off-the-grid to reduce material waste and conserve electricity. Milton and Goose work mostly with small, family-owned companies, making sure that a lot of thought and care are put into all their products, unlike other mass-produced toys.
    3. Easy Set UpThe Essential Play kitchen comes almost completely assembled. Other play kitchens can take up to two or even three (yes, three) hours to assemble. Some come in pieces with unclear directions and this can really eat up into a parent’s day and patience. This play kitchen saves parents from the stress of having to assemble it. Because of this, your child can use it as soon as you bring it home.


    1. Price – This play kitchen is definitely not for everyone. With a price tag that can rival the cost of real kitchen appliances, the Essential Kitchen is for a specific target market, one that has money to spend. It is more than double the price of other play kitchens available online and some play kitchens are available at a fraction of the cost. This is the biggest con of this toy. The great quality explains the price, but it is still higher than what most parents are willing to spend on a children’s toy.
    2. Accessories Not Included For the price, most people will expect this to come with some (or a lot of) toy food, utensils, or pots and pans. These type of accessories that are needed to start play cooking or baking are not included with the purchase of the Essential Play Kitchen. This kitchen comes as is and without other additional toys. Parents will have to buy the kitchen accessories separately.

    Is it Worth It?

    Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen
  • Handmade with Solid Wood
  • Non-Toxic Paint and High Quality Materials
  • Modern, sleek design
  • So, is the Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen worth the price? If you can afford it (meaning you were already thinking of buying a play kitchen in this general price range and won’t need to take a second mortgage just to afford this), the answer is a resounding yes. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, well-made, and functional play kitchens available today. The clean design allows this play kitchen to fit seamlessly into any home and its beautiful design will make a parent want to keep in the living room or family room on full display. This play kitchen is definitely something to be proud of, and not something to hide in your playroom. The materials used are of the highest quality and the craftsmanship is excellent as well. No doubt about it, if you buy this play kitchen, you and your child will definitely keep it, and enjoy it, for years. When your child outgrows playing with it, you’ll still want to keep this even for your future grandchildren. In today’s world of disposable everything (toys, clothes, electronics), it’s refreshing to see well-made items that are meant to last and become family heirlooms. If you are looking for something that will stand the test of time, the Milton and Goose Essential Kitchen is definitely a play kitchen that you should buy.  

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