The Best Plastic Play Kitchens for Toddlers in 2020

Plastic sets are the most common types you will come across when shopping for toy kitchens.

This is because they are often cheaper and can be easily transported due to their lighter weight, compared to other types of kid’s cookware.

If you know you will be moving around your child’s playset in the home, or if you are on a low budget and you still want to buy a cooking toy with good features, then you will want to go for a plastic play kitchen.

Here is a list of the best kitchen playsets made of plastic in 2020:

  • [amazon link=”B07BLV6696″ title=”Step2 Fun with Friends Play Set” /]
  • [amazon link=”B074TY7PSQ” title=”Step2 Espresso Bar Set for Kids” /]
  • [amazon link=”B01JVSACYU” title=”Step2 Great Gourmet Toy Kitchen” /]
  • [amazon link=”B00FGS0BAK” title=”Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ” /]
  • [amazon link=”B004EJYAO0″ title=”Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen” /]

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen Playset

[amazon fields=”B07BLV6696″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” ]

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If you are looking for a plastic kitchen to cater for multiple children at once, then consider the Fun with Friends playset. It comes with many awesome features to keep your kids and their friends positively busy. A nurturing center is even fashioned into the toy for your kids’ toy pets to be part of the fun. A big kid’s cookware like this needs an adequate storage area for the accessories, In this, the Fun with Friends set doesn’t disappoint. There is a large storage area under the counter space with 2 storage bins. Storage spaces are also available inside the fridge, oven and microwave.

Step2 899399 Espresso Bar Play Kitchen

[amazon fields=”B074TY7PSQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” ]

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If your kids have always been captivated the way you turn out those 5-star coffee drinks then they will surely love the Espresso Bar playset. In addition to the basic pretend appliances found on many toy kitchens, it also comes with an interactive pretend espresso set. The espresso machine even comes with interchangeable coffee pods to engage the little ones the more.
To add to the fun, there is a light and sound feature to captivate your aspiring little chef. And you won’t need to worry about litters, it has adequate storage in the refrigerator and the large oven to hold accessories and keep the playroom tidy. There is also a pet nurturing center.

Step2 Great Gourmet Cooking Playset

[amazon fields=”B01JVSACYU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” ]

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You can awaken the super chef in your child by giving him/her the Great Gourmet Cooking Playset. One reason this is rated among the best is its two-sided play. This allows two kids to have a go at the toyset at once. The contemporary-looking kitchen for toddlers boasts of two ovens with see-through windows, microwave, a pretend fridge with a water dispenser and electric stove burner with light and sound feature. Other extras are a chalkboard for additional fun, plate rack and 2 large storage bins. Overall, the Great Gourmet playset is a high-quality modern-looking cookhouse for toddlers.

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ

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Open-air fun can take more exciting turns for your little ones with the Cook ‘n Play Outdoor set. Though this is more of a grill toy, the molded-in pretend stove top and sink ensures your child gets the total benefits of a kitchen toy set. The realistic dual-level grill, the main attraction for this playset, features clicking sounds for enhanced pretend play. It also comes with a pass-through window to enable multiple kids’ engagement. Other lovely features of the Cook n Play BBQ are the extended counter space and the large oven with a working door. There are also molded-in hooks to hang pretend pots and pans, and other utensils.

Step2 actually scored a big one with this toy set. It comes with light and sound features. The design also features two pass-through windows for more imaginative play. There are hooks to hang utensils, racks for plates and ledge to hold shakers and condiments. The plastic cooking set comes with a coffeemaker and coffee pods, and ships with some pretend tableware and cellphone.

Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen

[amazon fields=”B004EJYAO0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” ]

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This stylish set is one of the best choices you can make for your child when it comes to plastic toy kitchens. It won’t take up much room space but yet still comes with all the necessary features you would expect in a toy kitchenette – stovetop burners, sink, microwave, oven and a refrigerator with in-built dispenser. There is also a molded-in coffee maker for additional pretend play. The Fresh Accents set ships with a 30-piece accessory set which includes a pretend food set and a cell phone. There is a pass-through window for extra fun. This won’t take forever to assemble (around 10-20 minutes according to many reviews) as it uses fewer screws.

Safety considerations for Plastic toys

You should know, as a parent, that there is increased in safety concern for plastic toys. In fact, as we write, the US Government is spending several million in dollars into research that if certain chemicals often found in toys can cause cancer. Many substances have already been banned from being used in children’s products.

That is why, on Kidchenz, we usually limit our reviews to products from manufacturers that are FDA-compliant.

Other safety concerns when it comes to toddler’s kitchens are:

Choking hazards

Kids’ kitchens can contain small parts like play food and batteries that can pose a choking risk to toddlers. This is one reason manufacturers’ recommended age is often put at 3. Even at that, parents still need to take active measure to ensure that playsets or the accessories they are buying do not contain small parts that their kids can swallow.

Sharp edges and points

Sharp edge on a child’s plaything is a no-no. Pretend accessories like knives and spoons with sharp points should also be done away with.


Plastic kitchen toysets, as pointed out earlier, are available in a wide range of sizes, design and shapes. They offer parents the best choice when it comes to low cost but high-quality playsets. Listed above are some of the best kitchen toysets in 2019.

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