Play Kitchen Maintenance: How to clean a Plastic or Wooden Toy Kitchen

With their intuitive designs, kitchen toy sets are some of the best solution for observing children’s potentials, leveraging their skills, and teaching them new things.

That’s why children’s care centers and elementary schools today make big budgets for such toys year-in-year-out.

But whether you’re a parent or a care center owner, I believe extending the lifespan of those valuable toys is top priority. Hence, we have explained here how to maintain a toy kitchen in four easy and cost-effective ways to:

Make toys kitchen safe-to-play-with and keep your wards germs-free
Keep toys looking brand new always
Retain toys qualities and features

Here are the step-by-step methods…

Cleaning A Plastic Toy Kitchen With Water And Vinegar

Pour white vinegar into a clean bowl.

Carefully detach the removable parts of the toy

Place them into the bowl and scrub gently with a clean towel soaked in the vinegar

{For the edges and the narrow spaces} Make use of the towel’s thin edge to reach for dirt.

Remove those washed parts to repeat the same process over the major toy part.

Rinse everything one by one in warm water.

Sundry or fan-dry or towel-dry.

One thing you should know, though.

Sun Drying a plastic material expands it and causes early breakage.

Therefore, air-drying with a high-speed-moving fan is a far better option.

While towel-drying may invite germs except a germ-free/sterilized towel is used.

Maintaining A Plastic Toy Kitchen With Soap And Water

Before starting off with this technique!

For those who want to teach their tots how to maintain a toy kitchen, note that mild-soaps or shampoo are better alternatives for chemical soaps in this case to keep your child chemical-free.

Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water.

Add a considerable amount of soap/shampoo.

Stair to dissolve and dip a towel or sponge into the mixture.

Unassemble the toy and wash from minor to major parts.

Rinse with clear water and dry with a dry towel or fan.

How To Maintain A Wood Toy Kitchen

On continuous contact with liquid, most wood swell, wear-out, and break. So, while you can’t clean a wood toy kitchen with the two methods above, here’s what to do.

Dust the surface with a piece of cloth or and mouth-blowoff the dust.

Mix an equal amount of rubbing alcohol with warm water.

Fill the mixture in a spray bottle or steam cleaner.

Unassemble the toys, spray every corner and every obvious part.

Wipe with a towel mildly wet with water.


One more way to…

Maintain A Toy Kitchen Wood

Use any of the first two methods without putting the toys inside the liquid.

Insert towel in the liquid.

Scrub and wipe toys to remove dirt.



Using baking soda for cleaning toys

You can use baking soda for cleaning plastic toys and you’ll also get rid of bad odors. Baking soda is one of the cheapest but efficient cleaning agents and can be safely used on toys. Just be aware to rinse toys after cleaning them.

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